Men's mental health event

Men's mental health event

Join us on Friday 24th July to think about how we can make mental health support more accessible for men in Somerset.

The conversations around what makes good mental health support need to include input from those who live with it. Please come along and provide that very important perspective. We'll hear from the following guest speakers and then take part in themed group discussions.

Daniel Berrio-Galan, Somerset GP and Life Coach
Daniel will share his unique perspective on men's self esteem, why he started to think about this complex topic differently, and what helps.

Ian McClure, Trainer and Consultant
Ian has delivered talks and training on a variety of subjects related to men's mental health and wellbeing. He'll introduce the topic of 'implosion', exploring what happens when anger turns inwards, why this can lead to isolation for men in particular, and what can be done to improve this.

Rob Osman, Founder, Dudes & Dogs
Rob will share his story, and talk about how he set up a dog walking support network in Bristol to encourage men to open up about their emotions.

This event is taking place on Friday 24th July, from 2-4pm. It's free to attend and you can register via Zoom here.