Heads Up

Heads Up
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Heads Up is a registered charity (No. 801391), set up to provide Day Services to individuals suffering with Mental Health Problems, including Dementia. We have established a high quality and widely respected centre providing services and are recognised as being leaders in the provision of activity based learning and development for individuals with mental health needs, including adults with dementia, learning disabilities and physical disability.

Our team of workshop coordinators focus and structure their sessions carefully to provide relaxed, engaging learning experiences which give people the opportunity to rekindle skills, learn from new experiences, encourage self-management and personal development and empower people to develop personal resilience and make informed decisions about their future with greater confidence, knowledge and hope.

We provide support to enable individuals to establish links to their local community and in particular access information that may be difficult to obtain such as education, volunteering and employment opportunities.

We currently provide the following workshops/groups:

  • Woodcraft
  • Pottery
  • Gardening
  • Memories Workshops (Dementia)
  • Creative Social Group
  • Creative Activities
  • Wellbeing Group
  • Fundraising Group