NHS Transformation Funding – VCSE Update meeting

NHS Transformation Funding – VCSE Update meeting

Following on from the meeting that took place in Stoke St Gregory on 7th June to talk about the NHS transformation funding that the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has applied for, it is sounding likely that the bid has been successful. In anticipation of this, we are holding a second meeting to discuss the opportunity further and ways the VCSE sector can support and get involved. This needs to happen relatively quickly, as once awarded, NHS England will expect the work to start promptly.

The meeting will be held on Monday 29th July, from 10:30am-12:30pm at Somerset Film in Bridgwater. If you would like to attend please let us know by emailing info@somersetmentalhealthhub.org.uk with ‘Mental health transformation funding VCSE discussion' in the subject line. Booking is essential.

Please note, this meeting is being held in the hope of being successful in the NHS transformation funding bid and being prepared if we are, however, it has not yet been awarded.

Below is the information that was sent prior to the previous meeting:

Click here for a summary of an opportunity that the  CCG is currently working on.

The attachment is a summary of funds that could potentially be brought to Somerset. The bid time line is 20th June, and the CCG would welcome the voluntary sectors' input. Between £2.5-4million is available in the South West over 2 years. They are seeking focused investment ideas that have a bigger impact, with key areas of adult mental health aged 18-25 years, and also older adults with functional mental health issues (i.e. depression not dementia), with an aim of preventing entry into secondary care, and improving the discharge of people back to primary care.

Areas of thoughts so far are:

  1. Improving physical health checks for mental health patients, as we know this is currently a weak area.
  2. Developing more on the county’s emotional health and wellbeing offers, building around provision such as the Village Agents and Somerset Mental Wellbeing Service.
  3. Move the existing home treatment offer more towards a 24/7 provision.
  4. Develop a core 24/7 psychiatric liaison service.
  5. Supporting the movement of secondary provision towards primary care.

The funding is primarily NHS funding for NHS, but looking at the whole system, and working with the whole community; Trying to eliminate thresholds, and create universal single points of access. Looking at triage before GP moving the front door further down into the community. With the 12 neighbourhood areas forming, looking to develop more community self-referral and bypass the GP. Developing a mixed model that has experienced people triaging at the front door, which is ageless in its target audience. Looking at how this can also link up to ideas currently in the community such as Recovery College, wellbeing offer in localities, and loneliness agenda.

You can read a summary from the previous meeting here.